I found a lost animal. What next?

First, see if they have a collar and tag. If they do, try to contact the owner on the tag OR contact the vet the rabies tag was issued at and see if they can contact the owner. Take the animal to the vet and see if they are microchipped. If they are, hopefully the owner information is up to date. If they have no collar and tag take to the vet and see if they are microchipped.

Next, try posting on the following sites a photo of the animal and location found:

Nextdoor: nextdoor.com

Facebook: Share to your own page and ask friends to share it. Share to the Facebook Mayfair Heights Neighborhood Association group and Neighbors of Mayfair West group. Try posting to Lost and Found Pups of OKC (be sure you follow their guidelines for posting) Pawboost: pawboost.com

Finally, there is no set amount of days one should hold onto a stray but we’d recommend at least a couple days. After a waiting period,if you cannot find the owner, youcan take them to the OKC Animal Shelter - update your posts to list that you have done so and provide the animal number the Shelter gave it. If the owner does not show, the animal will hopefully be adopted. You may also reach out to other area rescues instead of the shelter.

Erin Cooper