Help, I lost my pet!

First, post a recent picture of the animal and general location lost. Post on the following sites a photo of the animal and location found: Nextdoor:

Facebook: Share to your own page and ask friends to share it. Share to the Facebook Mayfair Heights Neighborhood Association group and Neighbors of Mayfair West group. Try posting to Lost and Found Pups of OKC (be sure you follow their guidelines for posting) Pawboost:

Next, contact the OKC Animal Shelter to see if your pet has been taken there (405) 297-3100 or their Lost & Found page: departments/animal-welfare Finally, if your animal was microchipped or had their rabies tag, contact your vet to see if anyone has inquired with them. Always make sure your animals are wearing collars, current rabies tags, and name tags with phone numbers for you. You can pick up a name tag at PetCo and Petsmart for under $10. Thanks for caring for our furry friends!

Erin Cooper